AWS CLI Setup on Windows

By | October 10, 2021

Okay so we are going to install the aws command line on Windows. So for this we do aws CLI install windows on Google. And this will give us the list link and we want to install the aws-cli version 2 on Windows.

Okay this is the latest and so we’ll up to dates. It doesn’t change much versus version 1, it is just some improved performance and capability, but the API’s exactly the same and there’s also an improved installer.

So I’m going to scroll down, in here and to Install on Windows where you can just simply install it using the MSI installer, so I just click on this link to download the MSI installer. then I’m going to run the installer so it should very very simple.

Now the installer is starting, I click on Next. I accept the terms of the license, click on Next, Install and then we wait for the installer to be done. Yes, I want to allow whatever this is doing.

Okay so the installer is now complete.

I click on Finish and now I can go ahead and open a command line, so I’ll do command line, Command Prompt here we go on Windows, and to be sure that it’s fully installed I just type aws–version and press enter, and if you get a result like this: aws-cli, a version that starts with a 2, then Python, Windows, that means that your aws-cli is now properly installed on Windows and you’re good to go.

Finally just note that if you want to upgrade your aws-cli then you just need to re-download that MSI installer and just re-run the install and it will be automatically upgraded.

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