AWS CLI Setup on Mac OS X

By | October 11, 2021

Okay so let’s install the AWS CLI on mac and for this we’re just going to go on Google and make sure to choose a link installing the AWS CLI version 2 on macOS. And then we’re just going to follow the process, so we’ll scroll down and see what they say And here is how to install it. just download a pkg file and this will be a graphical installer.

Okay so you download the pkg file. Then you click on continue, continue, continue and you agree. Then you say, “Okay, install for all the users “on this computer.” Click on continue and then click on install, and this goes ahead and installs the CLI on mac. So we wait for everything to be done, the files are being written.

Okay, the installation is now successful Okay, and we’ll move the installer to trash. And now to fill this out, you open a terminal on mac.

Okay so you just go ahead and type, for example, “terminal”, and this will give you a terminal app. Mine is called iterm on mac, which is a free terminal that you can use. And then you just type aws — version and if everything is going well, then it should give you back the version of the AWS executable.

So let’s wait for a little bit. And we get the answer, AWS CLI 2.0.10, so that means that everything has been installed correctly. So that’s it for this lecture. In case of issues, please have a look at this guide. It will have the answer for you. And that’s it for me. I will see you in the next lecture.

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