AWS CLI Setup on Linux

By | October 12, 2021
          Okay, so let's proceed with installing the AWS CLI on Linux. So for this I just google it, and I will choose installing the AWS CLI Version 2 on Linux because this is the latest one, and I'm going to scroll down. And to install the CLI it goes installing. We just have to run these three commands. 
So the first one is to get a Zip file. So I copy this, go into a terminal, and then I will paste it. And here we go. So this has been pasted, and it is downloading currently the installer. The next thing we have to do is to unzip it.
So I copy this command and paste it, and this will unzip my installer. Great And the last thing is to run the installer as root, so I'll do sudo and then install. This should prompt me for my password, which I enter right now, and then the installation proceed.

Now it says you can run, "user/local/bin/AWS minus minus version," or very simply, "AWS minus minus version"
 if your user local bin is in your path, and there we go. The AWS CLI has been installed as you can see. 
It says AWS CLI/2. and then you are getting a different version based on when you do this.  

And then you get Python and Linux and Botocore, so you are good to go. When this works we can run any command on the AWS CLI and you can go ahead, with the rest of the lectures. If you got ant issues please read this and it will tell you what's going on and that it, I will see you in the next lecture.



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