IAM Security Tools

By | October 13, 2021
We are nearing the end of the section but first let's talk about the kind of security tools we have in IAM.
 So we can create an IAM Credentials Report and this is at your account-level.
 This report will contain all your accounts users
 and the status of their various credentials. We'll be actually generating it right now and having a look at it.
The second security tool we're gonna use in IAM is called IAM Access Advisor. This one is at the user-level and the Access Advisor is going to show the service permissions granted to a user and when those services were last accessed.

This will be very helpful because we are talking already about the principle of least privilege, and so using this tool, we're able to see which permissions are not used and reduce the permission a user can get to be inline with the principle of least privilege. So I will see you in the next lecture to show you how to use the security tools.

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